On the FAQ page, you will be given answers to frequently asked questions, if there are still questions you can contact
us through customer service (livechat / email)
How to order a jersey?
To order, you can directly visit the order page, there will be more details about the order, whether you already have a design or do not have a design.
What is the minimum order for a jersey?
For designs / models on the STORE page there is no minimum order, while for making other designs a minimum order of 12 sets is required.
What is the jersey booking payment system?
For making jersey 12 pcs and above, minimum DP is 50% of the total, for payment of DP can be repaid, until the sample making is finished, after that to continue production all must be DP 50%.
For making jersey under 12 pcs the payment is paid in full.
Pembayaran dapat melalui transfer bank BCA / Mandiri / BNI.
How long is the jersey ordering process?
Standard for making 3-4 weeks jersey depends on the number of queues in the previous order. For more details, please contact our customer service, who will be informed about the queue for making the latest jersey, because every day the queue is always changing.
For jersey designs, there are only 3-5 days of manufacture.
How to process delivery to the address? How to send it?
We are in Malang, for locations that are still nearby, you can directly take it in the store or use a courier in the city for FREE.
For the outside of poor, there are shipping costs, we will find the cheapest and fastest shipping costs. For the Java region we recommend using train / travel cargo shipping.
How to size a jersey?
For the jersey size we use the detail size below, please note to avoid smallness or greatness